Friday, April 8, 2011

0 - 6

I was very excited last weekend about the start of baseball season, and now, a week later, the Red Sox are 0 - 6. Baseball has a ridiculously long season, so a six-game losing streak to start the season is by no means fatal (there are still 156 games to go), but it really saps the enthusiasm out of opening week. (The Sox at the moment have a narrow 7-6 lead over the Yankees, so we'll see if this holds up and they manage to win their first game as I blog.)

Despite the disappointing start to the baseball season, April has started off with a good deal of fun (once the snow stopped falling). Yuriko and I went to Charlottesville, VA last Friday night to visit a friend of hers (Mark). He showed us around the Shenandoah Valley on what turned out to be a pretty nice Saturday. We stopped at several vineyards and tasted some locally made wines. I don't really have the kind of "sophisticated palate" required to discern all the subtleties of oakiness and honeysuckle, but a lot of what we sampled tasted good to me.

This weekend we are not making any long voyages, but we are headed to the main DCCC campus in Media tonight to see the student production of Arsenic and Old Lace. All of my students have the opportunity to earn a little extra credit if they make the trip out to see this play and write a short review. I'm hoping it is a good show -- I've heard it is pretty funny.

Only 4 weeks left in the semester! We've finally made it to the homestretch. Hang in there everyone--summer is just around the corner, but there's a ton that needs to get done between now and the finish line.

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